Donnerstag, 20. Juni 2019

The truth about vaccinations

The subject of vaccinations has been a subject of much debate among those who see the simple science of the benefits of vaccinations and those who are disturbed by the numerous ingredients in said vaccinations that they doubt the benefits of. And of course there is an official scientific explanation for each of those benefits that those who exclaim their doubt do not wish to accept.

There is a deeper truth about all of this however. It is not surprising, of course, there is always a deeper truth about everything. Not the truth that the idiots that social media-controlled mob would tell you about something about vaccinations not doing what they are told to do, but a much deeper truth than that.

There is some concern among those who doubt the worth vaccines that one of the ingredients is mouse brain. The brain of mice. They use this as an argument against vaccines. They put the brain of mice into vaccines and therefore they argue that there is something more sinister to vaccines than simply immunizing you to any given disease. That as we all know that we all studied basic science is not the case, of course, obviously, vaccines do indeed immunize each of us to any given disease, that is indeed how it is, we are given the vaccines and contrary to all conspiracy theories, they do indeed immunize us to common diseases, there is nothing sinister to that on a basic level.

There is however a reason that besides all the things that do indeed immunize us to diseases and do indeed do us a benefit, we are injected mouse brain, the brain of mice. This is something that as part of the so-called "nerdy" community, the community that reads more in fiction than it wants to be fed in pop culture, you may know from a fictional tale told by Douglas Adams. That mice are the most intelligent race on Earth.

That is the thing. Where do you think Douglas Adams got it from? Do you think he came up with it by himself? Do you really believe that? Well, Douglas Adams, he was a very talented and very creative writer, but he did not come up with that idea. He took an idea that was first written down in a 7th century Hindu text that mice were indeed the top of the evolution on Earth. I cannot quote said text easily because my knowledge of Sankskrit is not what I would wish it to be, but the general idea is that Gaia, our planet as a living being has the lifeforms that live on it as avatars as itself, and that we, as humans, are the ones that may do all the complex thinking, the true superior beings, the true superior avatars of Gaia are the ones who do all the controlling of the superstructure of Gaia's exterior, and indeed the controlling of the superstructure of Gaia's exterior is the managing of the income and the outcome, or, in more mundane terms, the managing of the waste.

So yes, when Gaia, our living planet made its avatars, it was indeed us humans who were meant to do the thinking part, but the thinking part was not considered to be the most important part, the managing of the resources was considered to be the most important part, and therefore those who manage the resources, and in turn, those who manage the waste of said resources, were considered the most important part. So indeed, the highest avatars of Gaia, as according to those ancient Hindu texts, were indeed the highest lifeforms on Earth, and Douglas Adams was simply quoting that when he wrote his story.

So there is a different story when we talk about vaccinations. When we are injected smaller versions of the diseases that surround us to shield us from the larger versions of those diseases, those vaccinations do indeed do the jobs they are intended to do. There is no doubt about that and no conspiracy to be inferred. But beyond that what they do is inject us with the consciousness of the highest avatars of Gaia, as a demonstration of our unreadiness, a message from the highest avatars of Gaia that we as humans may have come far, we are not yet ready to proceed without their interference.

I find this knowledge both humbling and reaffirming. We, as humans, are who we are. But the avatars of Gaia are watching over us, and are trying to actively steer us in the right direction. It may seem patronizing, but as we proceed, we may discover that being given pointers in the right direction can do us more good than harm.

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